Chelsea Figure Skating Club

Active Members: $120 Annual Dues: Are those individuals who have registered and paid dues for the current skating season. They shall retain active status until the following annual registration date. Active members who are adults shall have all the rights and privileges of membership including the right to vote and priority ice time scheduling. Active members who are under the age of 18 shall have the rights and privileges of adult active membership except the right to vote.

(Recommended for skaters in private lessons. Includes competition and testing privileges.)


2nd, 3rd or any additional Active Member: $80 Annual Dues: Of the same family of Club member shall have all rights and privileges of active membership.


Junior Members: $80 Annual Dues/ $50 additional junior members from the same household: This membership allows the skater the ability to compete and bridge the gap to active membership. Junior membership is for basic skills through pre-preliminary. A skater can only be a junior member for 1 year, after which he or she must join as an active member.

(Recommended for beginner skaters and young skaters just beginning private lessons.)


Professional Members: $90 Annual Dues: Are individuals who have entered a contractual relationship with the club as an independent contractor or board member. Professional members shall have skating privileges, except without priority, and shall be eligible to vote.

(Recommended for Professional Staff Coaches, Junior Staff Coaches, and Board Members.)


2nd Club Member: $65 Annual Dues: Are individuals who are members in good standing of USFS and demonstrated that they are a member in good standing of his/her first USFS Member Club. 2nd Club Members shall have skating privileges, excluding priority regular ice session scheduling and priority sign-on privileges, and will not be eligible to vote.


To get the membership form or for more information, please contact Megan Salamon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks.