Recent Accomplishments:

-2017  Skate Detroit Final Round - Isobel Alford Juvenile Ladies

-2017 Ann Arbor Final Round - Zoe Beekman and Michaela Maloney Preliminary Ladies

-2016 EGL Regional Championships - Isobel Alford FINAL ROUND PRE-JUVENILE CHAMPION

-2016 EGL REgional Championships - Megan Nichols FINAL round Preliminary Test Track

-2016 National Showcase Championships - Haley Braun FINAL round Preliminary Dramatic

-2016 National Showcase Championships -

          Comets 5th Place Open Productions, Encore on Ice 8th Place Open Productions

-2016 Skate Detroit Pre-Juvenile Ladies - Isobel Alford 1st Place

-2016 Michigan Showcase - Charlotte Williams - Beginner FINAL round 3rd place

-2015 EGL Regional Championships - Kate Capper - Intermediate Ladies FINAL round

-2015 Tri-States Competition: Coliseum FSC of MI was the club competition winner!