Step 1.  Shaving the ice
The first thing we need to do is get the old ice off. The ice is typically about an inch to an inch and a half thick.
We use the Zamboni to shave the ice out of the rink as far down to the sand as we can.


Step 2. Removing the paint.
As we continue to shave, we will finally run into the paint. The Zamboni will be able to get most of the paint off
the ice but depending on how level the sand is undeneath the ice, there is usually some paint left once the shaving
process is complete. At this point, the temperature of the rink will be raised to allow the remaining ice to melt
away. As this happens, the leftover paint will also melt away and can then be cleaned up either with a shovel
or spraying it away.

b_200_150_16777215_00_images_Making-ice_2-removing-paint.JPG b_200_150_16777215_00_images_Making-ice_2nd_night_3_web.JPG

Step 3. Drying the Sand.
Once we have the ice and paint off, its time to dry the sand so that maintenance can be done to it. This can take a
day or two to complete before any major work can be done on the rink.


Step 4. Sand Maintenance.
Now that the sand is dry, it's time to perform maintenance to the sand to get it ready to be frozen again. The
maintenance required includes leveling the sand to make sure all of the high and low spots are gone and also
to work any air pockets out so that the ice will not crack in the future by expansion.


Step 5. Freezing The Sand.
Once the maintenance is complete, the temperature of the rink is turned back down and the sand is then saturated
with water and allowed to freeze solid. This will allow us to start putting down the layers of ice so that it is consistent.


Step 6. Putting Down Ice.
This step takes a while as we put down the ice in layers. We do what are called "floods" where we start at
one end of the rink and with a hose, we add water to the whole surface and let that freeze completely.
Once it is frozen, we repeat this  step over and over until we have at least 1/2 inch of ice frozen.
Now we can paint.


Step 7. Painting the rink.
Painting the rink is done in two steps.The first step is to put down the white base. This usually takes a few
coats so that you can no longer see the sand through the ice. After that is done and set, the lines, circles and
goal creases are measured and marked off. All of the lines and graphics on the rink are painted
by hand using special paints.

 b_200_150_16777215_00_images_Making-ice_painting-ice.jpg  b_200_150_16777215_00_images_Making-ice_painting-lines.JPG

Step 8. Finishing the ice.
Once all of the painting is done, we continue to flood the rink until the ice is thick enough to run the Zamboni on.
Once we get it to this point, we finish the flooding using the zamboni. Now your rink is ready to be skated on!!